Sockeye salmon with capers

Top Ways to Serve Alaskan Halibut: A Guide

Top Ways to Serve Alaskan Halibut: A Guide

So, you want to spice up your dinners with Alaskan Halibut. But, do you know how to serve it? Read on and learn more here.

Alaskan halibut live in the frigid waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean at depths between 600 and 1,500 feet. Their firm and flaky meat holds a very mild flavor that many people enjoy. Read on to learn the top ways to prepare a delightful dish with this delicious fish!

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King Salmon and Asparagus

5 Ways to Ensure Your Seafood Delivery Is Top Quality

You can’t serve anything but the finest seafood, but are you relying on the best delivery service? Learn what to look for in a seafood delivery service.

Are you looking for ways to ensure that you’re eating the finest wild-caught seafood possible? Do you find yourself wondering where the seafood delivery service comes into play? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to guarantee yourself a top-quality seafood delivery.

Your entire operation rides on it. Whether you are a novice home cook or a seasoned professional, the seafood you eat makes a vast difference.

See below for an in-depth guide on several ways that you can ensure that you’re using the best seafood delivery service out there.

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Salmon Patti with Bun

The Best Meal Ideas for Wild Seafood

Did you know the world produces 155 million tons of seafood each year?

Much of that is now from farmed sources, which are often lower quality than their wild-caught counterparts. When you do get some delicious natural products, do you know how to make them shine?

There are a number of ways, from complex dishes to simple touches. Read on as we discuss our top recipe ideas for wild seafood.

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Wild Alaska Salmon Fishing Boat - Wild Alaska Salmon And Seafood Company

Eat Well While Saving the Planet With Sustainable Seafood From Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood

As we become more conscious of our effect on the earth, sustainable practices such as seafood harvesting and fishing become more important. Overfishing, illegal fishing, and unsustainable practices are polluting our waters, killing unnecessary amounts of marine life, and ruining our ecosystems

Are you curious about living a more sustainable life including eating sustainably? Let’s check out the details on what sustainable seafood is and where you can find it.

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Captain Tony's Freezer Box

The Seafood Lover’s Guide to Wild Salmon: How to Tame the King of the Waters

What’s Wild Salmon?

Wild salmon are caught in environments right in nature and feed on a diet of plankton and other small fish. This includes rivers, lakes, and oceans. Wild salmon only eat organisms that are found in their natural environment!

Around half of the salmon that’s sold around the globe comes from a fish farm. They use a process that’s called aquaculture that breeds salmon for human consumption. These types of salmon are given high-fat and processed feed to produce bigger fish.

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Captain Tony Cleans and Prepares a Whole Sockeye Salmon to Cook

We recently stumbled upon this blast from the past to the time Captain Tony appeared on a local PBS station with his friend chef Lasse Sorensen of Tom’s Place in Carbondale. Tony shows us how to prepare and cut a Sockeye Salmon Fillet, and then prepares a quick recipe with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. This was filmed for the PBS TV show, In-Focus on March 29, 2009 by WSIU.

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