Captain's Club Seafood Subscriptions

Save 10% on Shipments

Save 10% on all items, all year long, by joining the Captain's Club. Simply choose a Captain's Club delivery option in your cart before heading to checkout.

Add or Remove Items

Whether you want to try a new seafood product or decide you want to adjust the seafood products in your recurring order, we make order modifications easy.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel or pause your recurring seafood shipment at any time. Simply log into your account or give us a call. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

Captain's Club Details

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    Selecting a Captain's Club Delivery Option

    As you shop for seafood on our website, you will add items to your cart. At any time you can see all of the items in your cart by going to the cart page. On the cart page, above the cart totals section, you'll be able to select a Captain's Club delivery option. Once selected, the cart totals section will update with your 10% discount, and your Captain's Club (subscription) will appear, along with an estimated shipping date for your first recurring order.

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    Auto Renewal Reminder

    10 days before your recurring order ships, we will send you an email, reminding you that we're about to send you another order. If you'll be out of town or for some reason need to stop that order from shipping, contact us and we can change or suspend your subscription. Through your account, you also have the power to cancel your subscription at any time.

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    Price Change Reminder

    If an item in your recurring order has a price increase, you'll pay the new price. An email will be sent to you 10 days before the order ships, notifying you of the price increase, because we want you to be fully aware of what is happening. Nobody likes surprises!

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    Optional Early Shipment

    Can't wait for your next shipment to arrive? Don't worry, we make it easy for you to receive your next shipment earlier. Log in to your account and view your subscription. A "Renew now" button appears above the Subscription totals, and clicking it takes you to our checkout page, where you can pay for the shipment.

  • 5

    Change Address or Payment Information

    You might move, or perhaps you need to update your payment information. We make these changes easy for you! Log in to your account and view your subscription. Above the Subscription totals you will see "Change address" and "Change payment" buttons. Clicking these buttons allows you to update your subscription and keep receiving your seafood!

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    Add Items to Your Recurring Order

    Once logged in, as you browse the product pages of the website, you'll see that you can add items to your cart. Next to the "Add to Cart" button is a checkbox that says "Add to an existing subscription?". If you check the checkbox, your active subscriptions will be displayed, with an "Add" button that allows you to add the current product to your subscription. Due to a current limitation of the website, Build-Your-Own type seafood packs cannot be added to existing subscriptions at this time. We're working on it!

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    Remove Items from Your Recurring Order

    Once logged in, when you view your subscription, you will see red "X" buttons on each line item of your subscription, unless your subscription only contains a single item. Click one of the red "X"s to remove the item from your subscription. If your subscription only contains a single item, find the "Cancel" button located above the Subscription totals and click that to remove the last or only item.