Captain's Club Seafood Subscriptions

Save 10% on Shipments

Save 10% on all items, all year long, by joining the Captain's Club. Simply choose a Captain's Club delivery option in your cart before heading to checkout.

Add or Remove Items

Whether you want to try a new seafood product or decide you want to adjust the seafood products in your recurring order, we make order modifications easy.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel or pause your recurring seafood shipment at any time. Simply log into your account or give us a call. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

Captain's Club FAQs

Click the "shop" menu at the top of the page and select your desired item(s). On each specific product page, pick which box size you'd like and add it to your cart. Once you have all of your desired items in your cart, navigate to your cart page and you’ll be able to select a Captain's Club delivery option. Once your desired frequency is selected, you'll see the automatic 10% discount applied to your cart total. Click on the "checkout" button at the bottom of the page. If you have an account on our website already, select the "customer login" option to log into your account. If you do not have an account already, select the "guest checkout" button and proceed through the checkout page. Just before payment, you will be prompted to create your account on our website. After you have created your account, you will be directed back to the payment step of the checkout page where you can enter your payment information. Then select the "Place Order" button to complete the order.

Yes! You are emailed 10 days before the next payment processing date as a reminder in case you need to make any necessary changes to your subscription. Make sure to check your junk/spam folders if you don't see that email in your inbox as sometimes these emails go to those locations.

Yes! You have the ability to make any and all necessary changes to your subscription, including cancelling, through your account on our website. Just log in to your account and you'll see the "cancel" option on your subscriptions page.

Although rare, due to market fluctuations, product pricing can increase and this does apply to subscription orders as well as one-time-only orders. If an item in your subscription does increase, you will be notified via email 10 days before the next payment processing date so that you aware of any price changes.

Yes! You can log in to your account on our website and on your "manage subscription" page, you'll see a "Renew Now" option. Just click on this option and this will take you to the checkout page where you can pay for this early shipment. Keep in mind, this does NOT change the original next-processing-date on your subscription.

Yes! Log in to your account and navigate to your "manage subscriptions" page and you'll see the button to skip the next order. This will change your next recurring processing date to a future date dependent on your subscription frequency. You can also change the frequency of your subscription at any time.

Log in to your account on our website and view your subscription. Above the subscription totals you'll see the "change address" and "change payment" buttons. Click the appropriate button to make those changes to your subscription.

First, you'll want to log in to your account on our website. Then shop as you normally would and on the specific product page, next to the "add to cart" button, you'll see a checkbox that says, "add to existing subscription?". Just check that box and your existing subscription will be displayed with an "add" button that will allow you to add that product to your subscription. This can only be done on the specific product page.

Log in to your account on our website and then view your subscription. You will see a red "X" button next to each item on your subscription. Just click on the "X" pertaining to the unwanted item to remove this item from your subscription. Keep in mind, if you are removing a standard box from the subscription and the only other items in your subscription are add-on items, you will need to first add another standard box to the subscription before removing the unwanted standard box. Each order, whether a subscription or not, must contain at least one standard box.

If any item in your subscription is out-of-stock, your subscription will be placed on "on-hold" status and you will be emailed about a "product issue" on your subscription. You can simply log in to your account and remove that item from your subscription and this will automatically place your subscription back in "active" status.

Subscription orders already receive an automatic 10% discount on each order processed until you cancel the subscription. Therefore, further coupons do not apply to subscription orders.