Capt. Tony Wood is no beginner when it comes to Alaska. He spent many years as a long-time hunting and fishing guide to individuals and to some of the best resorts in Southwest Alaska. Once he discovered the fabulous taste and health benefits of fresh, wild salmon from the crystal-clear waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, he realized that he needed to share his discovery with others.

As he learned more about the salmon available in most of the United States, he realized there had to be a better way! Instead of sitting for long periods of time on the boats or at the processing plants and warehouses, Tony saw room for improvement. He developed his own multi-faceted approach to supply a higher quality product AND at a lower cost direct to the consumer!

A few years after the Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood was in full swing, Tony brought Heather Huffman on board as his wife and company manager. Together they head the team of people that make it possible for all to enjoy the highest quality salmon and seafood products, delivered direct to your door!

The mission of Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood’s is to care for and protect the Alaskan wilderness, provide consumers with premium, 100% all-natural wild Alaskan salmon, and continually improve our methods of providing the highest quality wild salmon and seafood products to consumers nationwide.

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