Our perspective on wild Alaskan salmon, our process and our people make all of the difference. When it comes right down to it, our business is all about taste, and we never forget that fact.  For that reason, everything we do is done with quality in mind.  We only fish for the absolute best and we handle it all very carefully and quickly.  To us, taste is all that matters.

Our process is different, too.  We handle practically everything, from fishing to processing the catch, so we can ensure quality.  Our proprietary methods are more efficient and faster.  The result?  A better product on your table!

It’s a Wet Process

Our methods of fishing are designed to only catch the sustainable resource salmon, other species of fish and other wildlife are not harmed or caught. As the wild salmon are caught, the fish are delivered on ice to shore straight from our boat on a daily basis and are at once cleaned and hand-processed by our own processing team. This is called a “wet process”. The wild salmon are then immediately “flash frozen”, meaning that the product is deep frozen very quickly after the catch and packaged in vacuum sealed bags to lock in all of the quality and freshness and is constantly kept at ideal temperature and conditions so we can deliver fresh salmon to you anytime of year. Our salmon is delivered to your door by national carriers either the next day or within two days of your order depending upon your location. From start to finish, the entire process is designed to ensure quality and freshness.

Straight From Us To You

So what makes Wild Alaska Salmon Company so different?  First, take a good, long look at our name:  Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company.  It’s not just a name, it says everything about us.

Until now, Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Co. has provided Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon from the icy waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska—known to connoisseurs as the home of the best tasting salmon in the world—to select restaurants across America.  But now, thanks to Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company’s exclusive fishing, processing and shipping methods, you can buy the very best in wild Alaskan salmon directly from the fisherman himself any time of year.

Unlike other expensive corporate fishing operations, we are privately owned and maintain our own fishing & processing crew.  This allows us to ensure the highest quality salmon and seafood available while delivering it straight to your door in half the time. Best of all, you get the highest quality at much lower costs than the other guys.