Do not allow frozen seafood to thaw until you are ready to use it. Refreezing seafood will severely alter its quality.


It’s best to thaw seafood overnight in the refrigerator. Place the package on a plate or shallow pan to catch any liquid and allow 8-10 hours (for full fillets). Never allow seafood to thaw at room temperature or place in water to thaw. Flavor and texture are both lost this way.


First remember that Wild Salmon cooks much faster than farm raised fish.  It loses much of its flavor and moisture if it is overcooked even by just a couple of minutes.  You can also cut large fillets into meal size portions before cooking.
Always start cooking salmon with the skin side up. If the skin has been removed, the skin side will appear slightly darker. This allows the natural fat carried beneath the skin to be drawn into the fillet, keeping it rich and moist.
Any seafood or meat will continue to cook even after it’s removed from the heat so take it off the heat source just as soon as it is opaque throughout.  To check take a knife and cut a slit in the middle or thickest portion of the fillet.



Pre-heat grill to medium heat. Very lightly brush salmon and coat grill with oil to prevent sticking. Cook using indirect heat to prevent overcooking. As a general rule cook salmon approximately 10 minutes per inch of thickness and turn only once.


Pre-heat olive oil in a skillet on medium-high heat, add just a bit of butter as well if you prefer. Place lightly seasoned salmon fillets in pan and give the skillet a light shake to prevent the fish from sticking. Cook for a just a couple of minutes uncovered on each side and turn only once. After turning, lower heat to medium-low. If you so choose, once the salmon is finished cooking, remove fillets from pan and de-glaze the pan with white wine or chicken broth, let reduce add a little bit of butter, stir together and pour over salmon before serving.


Preheat oven to between 400-450 degrees. Spray coat a baking pan or line pan with foil. Dress the salmon with your choice of marinade or spices and cook in oven until opaque which depending on oven temperature could be between 8-15 minutes.

Information compliments of Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

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