Our People
We’re proud of the friendly people that make up Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company. We love to fish. They love fish. And we love selling it directly to you.  C’mon in, sit down and get to know us.

Captain Tony Wood- Owner / Fisherman

Captain Tony

Tony Wood, has never been a stranger to the great outdoors. Having grown up in the Midwest, fishing, hiking and hunting were commonplace. This desire to travel and conquer the unknown led him to Alaska where he felt right at home. Over the next several years, his travels and growing knowledge of the Alaskan outdoors presented a great business opportunity: guiding and flying outsiders to some of the best resorts, hunting and fishing locations in Southwest Alaska.

When guiding hours were over, Tony relaxed by fishing some of best Salmon waters in the world, bringing his catch home for family and friends to enjoy. He joked that people requested his fish so often, he would have to quit his guiding business to keep pace with the demand. Ironically, he ended up doing just that.

Heather Huffman- Owner / Manager

Heather Wood
Heather has known Tony for quite some time. Long enough to trade a comfortable desk job and the niceties of the big city for daily adventures with Tony & the Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood crew that include among other things, chasing bears away from the days catch, coordinating vast shipments of fish and seafood, and trying to get a better internet signal to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Good thing for Captain Tony, Heather signed on permanently, and married him. Heather brings an element of unbelievable organization and friendly character to a business that’s typically a little rough around the edges… And they now have a new little mate on the crew, 2 year old, Max.

Josh Hermes – Operations Manager

Josh Hermes
Joining the company in the spring of 2014, Josh Hermes brings experience and a very professional face to our company.  Josh is instrumental at ensuring that our entire organization runs smoothly by overseeing fishing operations, production and processing as well as working directly with our wholesale customers.

Josh has recently taken over operations at our Farmer’s Markets.  This summer during fishing season, you are likely to find Josh at the various locations where we sell direct to our customers. Check out our event page to get your salmon at a local organic market.

Thomas Persinger- Fisherman/ Sales

Thomas began his career in Alaska in 2008 as a sport fishing guide and pilot after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Supply Chain Management. In 2013, his passion for high quality food led him back to his home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee where he helped local businesses connect with local farmers. Truth be told though, he was constantly dreaming of a way to get back to Alaska. Who knew that this would become a natural segue to reconnect. He joined the WASS family in 2016 where he helps with sales, farmer’s markets, and distribution. He can also be found fishing with Captain Tony and the crew during the summer months.