5 Benefits of Eating Seafood

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Eating seafood comes with a ton of health benefits. We’ve compiled a list of some of the reasons why maintaining seafood in your diet can improve your mental & physical well-being!

The Super Powers of Seafood

1. Seafood is Abundant with Nutrients.

The main thing to remember about eating seafood is that it’s packed to the gills with nutrients! Most seafood has Vitamin A, B, B-Complex Vitamins, and Omega-3’s, in addition to lean protein. While this all may sound like a bunch of chemistry jargon, these essential nutrients provide incredible health benefits!

Salmon next to omega-3 supplements

2. Seafood Can Boost Your Brain & Your Heart!

Become the master of your mind & body with some super-powered seafood. Omega-3 fatty acids help with brain development and growth in children. They even help to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. Along with being low in saturated fats, Omega-3’s in seafood help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart problems such as heart attacks or stroke!

2 shrimp in the shape of a heart

3. Seafood? More Like See-Food!

Those abundant Omega-3’s are at it again, known to help maintain your vision as well as prevent any decline in the future. Fish & Shellfish have also been known to improve your night vision!

Fish on a cutting board

4. Seafood Is A Natural Moisturizer!

Omega-3’s and fatty acids in seafood help to reduce acne and moisturize the skin. This helps your skin to stay hydrated and look young, nourished, and even protect against dangerous UV rays from the sun!

A woman sleeping in her bed

5. Seafood Can Improve Sleep!

Studies have shown that people get a better night’s rest with a healthy dose of Omega-3’s in their diet. Better quality of sleep can increase the quality of your mental well-being leading to more productive and positive days!