Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood – 20 Years in the Making

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2021 has had its own ups and downs, but one thing stands out above the rest – Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood is celebrating 20 years in the business!

Where did it all start?

In the 1990’s Captain Tony was a sport fishing guide offering clients the opportunity to fly into some of the most remote areas of Alaska to catch wild salmon in their natural environment. Amazed by the pristine quality of their catch, his clients would often ask, “Where can I find this kind of quality in the lower 48?” The answer at the time was always, “You can’t!”

Captain Tony knew that there had to be a way to make premium, wild-caught Alaskan salmon accessible to the rest of the US. So, he traded in his plane for a fishing boat and went to work.

Over the course of years, Captain Tony developed a multi-faceted approach to supply high-quality salmon at a lower cost, directly to the consumer.

In doing so, we keep much of our operations in house. We fish the Salmon season every summer in Bristol Bay, and our catch gets brought to shore at every tide. From there, we process and blast-freeze our fish within 12 ours of coming out of the water. This method locks in that delicious fresh flavor! Our process allows us to handle our salmon every step of the way, from Bristol Bay to your dinner plate.

Running a family business presents a unique set of challenges, but we are so proud of the growth that we see as a result. Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood has seen plenty of change over the past two decades, but our mission remains the same: to bring you the highest-quality wild salmon that you can find!

From all of us at Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood, thank you for being part of our journey! Cheers to many more years to come!