Satisfy Your Taste Buds With This Seafood Subscription Box From Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood Company

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Have you been looking for a new way to upgrade your dinner menu at home?

If you want to maintain your healthy diet and upgrade the flavor at the same time, check out the seafood subscription box options at Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood.

Family Operated Business

You can trust Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood because it is run by a family who knows the benefits of eating truly 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon and seafood.

Fisherman and Owner Captain Tony Wood worked as a hunting and wilderness guide for adventure tourists for many years before starting Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood. He decided that he wanted to share the incredible taste and health benefits of wild Alaskan salmon with people in the lower 48.

That’s when Capt. Tony traded in his airplane for a new boat and began fishing this precious resource. Along the way, Tony and his wife Heather have managed the business with one goal in mind: quality!

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood dedicates itself to providing you with the best-tasting and highest quality fish possible. The flavor and quality of the fish are their top priorities, so you can rest assured knowing your seafood subscription box will be filled with the most delicious fish you can get!

Sustainable Fishing

This is NOT a huge fishing corporation. It’s a small family-owned and operated business that prioritizes the quality of your catch, while also protecting the wild Alaskan environment.

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood uses sustainable methods in all of its fishing practices. In fact, ALL of Alaska’s wild caught fisheries districts practice highly regulated and sustainable fishing practices. When they fish for salmon, these sustainability methods ensure that no other species of sea life are harmed!

Capt. Tony and his team are dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection. Future generations deserve to enjoy the unique flavors of wild Alaskan salmon just as much as we do!

Delicious Fish

When you shop for fish on the Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company website, you’ll see that you have tons of options. No matter what you choose, you’ll enjoy delicious, fresh seafood from Alaska anywhere in the country.

Wild Caught King and Sockeye Salmon

Salmon is what the company was founded on!

Wild Caught King Salmon is known as the most delicious salmon in the world. Not only that, but it is also the largest species of Alaskan Salmon with the highest oil content. That means when you bit into your fillet, you’ll reap the health benefits of the high-quality omega 3 fatty acids.

You can also order Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon. It comes in a close second place in terms of healthy oil content. Sockeye has a firm texture and a hearty flavor. While King Salmon is sold with the bones in to maintain the structure of the fish, this Sockeye Salmon comes completely boneless.

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood also sells other salmon products. You can purchase salmon burger meat, smoked salmon, wild salmon caviar, lox, and spinach feta salmon patties.


The taste of fresh shellfish truly can’t be matched by anything else. Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood sells a variety of shellfish dishes that will make your dinner meal outstanding.

There are tender and sweet Jumbo Scallops for a mouth-watering treat. You can even order them already wrapped in bacon to streamline your time in the kitchen. The Jumbo Royal Red Shrimp are quite possibly the best shrimp in the world! They’ll arrive at your house frozen and uncooked for the ultimate flavor benefits.

Check out the Canadian Cold-Water Lobster Tails. These huge chunks of tender lobster meat come frozen to your door. They are juicy, with a mild sweet flavor. Whether you lather them up in butter or eat them plain, they make for a perfect treat for a special day!

Other Fish

In addition to the salmon and shellfish offerings, this seafood subscription company also sells other wild fish native to the waters of Alaska, responsibly sourced for the highest quality.

There’s Alaskan Halibut, which is a hearty and delicious white fish. Whether you are baking, grilling, or pan-frying, you can’t go wrong!

The Alaskan Black Cod, otherwise known as Sablefish is rich and juicy and comes from the depths of the Gulf of Alaska or the Bering Sea. You can even get your Sablefish smoked!

The Pacific Cod is a tender and soft white fish with a gentle flavor and is another great option for your next feast.

For sushi and sashimi lovers, Capt. Tony can provide you with sashimi-grade Ahi Tuna, otherwise known as Yellowfin. The delectable flesh of this fish is bright red and shines brilliantly in the light.

Captain’s Club Seafood Subscription Box

All this talk of tender, delicious seafood must be making you hungry.

Feel free to start filling up your cart with the highest-quality seafood available! Once you choose everything you like, you can go to your cart and select the Captain’s Club delivery option. This is Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood’s subscription service program.

When you sign up, you’ll get a 10% discount on your order, and you’ll be notified of the date the team plans to ship your first recurring order. Don’t worry! You’ll be reminded ten days before your seafood subscription box is set to ship so you can adjust your shipping settings with plenty of time if something comes up.

At any time, you can add or remove items to your Captain’s Club package through the easy-to-use online cart on the website.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds Today!

Sign up for a Captain’s Club subscription order today to enjoy fresh, sustainably sourced fish from the wilds of Alaska. Check out more information on the subscription policy here!