Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

by Sean Loving posted October 9, 2017

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon offers that wild taste from an amazing place. Did you know that Bristol Bay is the world’s most valuable remaining wild salmon fishery? The fishermen of Bristol Bay are proud to take care of the salmon because they know the salmon take care of them. The fishery supports more than 14,000 [...] Read More

Pulling Pin Bones Out of Wild Sockeye Salmon

by Wild Alaska posted June 17, 2015

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Captain Tony Cleans and Prepares a Whole Sockeye Salmon to Cook

by Wild Alaska posted June 15, 2015
Cleaning a whole sockeye salmon

We recently stumbled upon this blast from the past to the time Captain Tony appeared on a local PBS station with his friend chef Lasse Sorensen of Tom’s Place in Carbondale. Tony shows us how to prepare and cut a Sockeye Salmon Fillet, and then prepares a quick recipe with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. This [...] Read More