Wild Alaska – There’s a huge difference in wild salmon and those that come from commercial tank-farms. Our Wild Sockeye Salmon come from the richest salmon fishing region in the world–Bristol Bay, Alaska–not a concrete tank or a net cage chocked full of captive fish.

It’s a difference you can see and taste.

The meat of wild salmon is naturally a brilliant shade of red; farm-bred salmon is strangely white in color. Fish farmers work very hard to make their product look like the real thing by feeding their salmon food containing a red dye to artificially change the color of the meat. The result is a strange orange-colored fillet without the great taste and phenomenal nutritional value of wild salmon. Plus, wild salmon feed on their natural diet, not man-made pellets laced with antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals.

Once you’ve had the wild thing, there is no going back to Farm-Raised Salmon.