We know our Wild Salmon and seafood is the best around, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look below and see for yourself what people our saying about Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co.

Derrick M.
(Ashland, OR)

Wild Alaska Salmon Co. provides a superior product! I was so very impressed by the quality of the sockeye fillets and H & G that recently arrived. The salmon was packaged properly, the meat firm, and it arrived on my door step the next day.

From previously living in the Bristol Bay Region , I can attest to the hard work, and delicate hand holding process that Tony Wood implements to insure the salmon are processed not only efficiently, but with great care. I could order wild Alaska Salmon from a number of sources, however the care, quality, and consistency of Wild Alaska Salmon Co. product’s is by far superior.

Why eat farmed salmon (salmon that swim in an in closed pool of feces), Atlantic Salmon (injected with artificial dies), when you can have fresh Wild AK Salmon?

The Tottens
(Cumming, Georgia)

We have been enjoying Tony’s wild Alaskan salmon for a couple years now and love it. We can count on the fact that it is truly wild salmon from the waters of Alaska. In addition to the fresh salmon, we love Tony’s smoked salmon.

James M.
(Marion, Illinois)

I’ve always enjoyed enjoyed eating Salmon, but did not know what I had been missing. Thanks for introducing me to the real stuff (aka WILD SALMON). There is a tremendous difference. Your Salmon is fresh, and the taste is amazing. I can also commend your company’s focus on quality. It shows. I will never buy salmon from the grocer again. Oh, by the way, I love to grill and was surprised how quick, easy and tasty it is on the barbeque.

The Cason Family
(Saint Louis, Missouri)

I love Tony’s fishing stories and his Wild Sockeye Salmon! It’s the only fish that both my 4 and 2 year old children will eat and request in pasta, as salmon patties or baked…as they call it “pink chicken”. The value I get for this product and the personal touch with cooking suggestions is unbeatable!!