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Build-Your-Own Salmon & Seafood Box – Small

This build-your-own box option is perfect for anyone! Purchase only what you like, and nothing that you don’t. The 2lb. offerings for all our products are a great opportunity to sample something new without the obligation of a larger 5lb. quantity.

How it works: Pick 5 or more 2 lb. packages and as many Add-on Items as you like, then add your Build-Your-Own Salmon & Seafood Box to your shopping cart. Each listed price is the price per 1 lb. package. You must select a minimum of 5 packages (10 lbs.) before you can add the Build-Your-Own Box to your cart. As a bonus, you will also be able to add any number of our Add-on Items to your order. Coupons and discounts DO NOT apply. Coupons and discounts DO NOT apply.

Regular Items

Regular Items #1 Regular Items #2
2lb Salmon Burger Meat $12.98 per lb.
2lb Sockeye Salmon $22.98 per lb.
2lb King Salmon $38.95 per lb.
2lb Pacific Cod $20.98 per lb.
2lb Black Cod $36.48 per lb.
2lb Ahi Tuna $26.48 per lb.
2lb Alaskan Halibut $39.98 per lb.
2lb Scallops $37.49 per lb.
2lb Jumbo Shrimp $20.98 per lb.
2lb Dungeness Crab $37.48 per lb.

Add-on Items

Add-on Items #1 Add-on Items #2
(2) 7-8oz Lobster Tails $50.95 ea.
1lb Limu Poke Kit $20.95 ea.
Bacon Wrapped Scallops - 8oz @ $33.90 per Lb. $16.95 ea.
2lb Spinach Feta Salmon Burgers $11.98 per lb.
Wild Alaska Rub $9.95 ea.
Lox $23.95 ea.
Total Price: $0.00