Wild Alaska Selects – 20lb Wild Sockeye Salmon Portions


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Many Alaskans consider sockeye to have the “truest” salmon taste. Our sockeye salmon has a flavor that is unrivaled because our process is simple. We catch and process only our fish. All of our fish is processed and flash frozen within hours of harvest. This helps maintain the nutrients and flavor that so many of our customers are searching for. An average portion of 6 ounces can contain between 1,500-2,000mg of Omega-3’s and close to 1,110 IU of Vitamin D3. Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon are a sustainably managed species by the state of Alaska, and many health organizations, included but not limited to, the EPA and FDA, view Sockeye Salmon as one of the cleanest of all ocean fish. As a small family fisherman owned operation we believe in one thing: providing you with a product that we are equally as excited to eat. The quality and taste are unsurpassed and the level of freshness can only get better if you join us on the boat! Portion fillets range in size from 6-12 oz. each depending on the size of the fish they are hand cut from. Each piece serves 1-2 people. This 20 lb. box contains 35-40 pieces. Our portioned fillets make for an easy dinner option any day of the week.


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