Royal Red Jumbo Shrimp

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Royal Red Shrimp – Deveined and Split

Our jumbo Red Royal Shrimp are wild caught from the icy, pure waters of Patagonia, Argentina. Revered for their sweet, rich flavor and delicate texture, these easy to peel, de-veined shrimp make them a true favorite among seafood lovers.

Despite their red shell our Jumbo Royal Reds arrive frozen and uncooked. Easy to prepare and can be cooked in a variety  of ways such as grilled, sautéed, or boiled. To really enhance the flavor, season with Captain Tony’s Wild Alaska Rub.

Each 2lb. package serves up to 8 people. Affordably priced and FREE SHIPPING. Buy now!

  • (3) 2lb. packages contain approximately (78-90) jumbo shrimp
  • (4) 2lb. packages contain approximately (104-120) jumbo shrimp
  • (5) 2lb. packages contain approximately (130-150) jumbo shrimp

Reviews for Royal Red Jumbo Shrimp (5)

  1. MICHAEL SPENCER (verified owner)

    Ordered 10 pounds of the Royal Red Shrimp for our family Christmas Dinner.
    They arrived in an insulated shipping box with plenty of dry ice / everything still frozen.
    They were massive in size and quality was excellent.
    These shrimp almost taste like lobster and were a HUGE hit as we managed to polish off
    all 10 pounds!! I will absolutely be ordering more in the future from Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company

  2. Deb Parsons (verified owner)

    I ordered 10 lbs of this wonderful shrimp during a sale and it was EXCELLENT. It arrives quickly and always frozen with dry ice. Honestly, you can't get any better seafood from this great family business. I will continue to buy all of my seafood from them. Thank You

  3. Brian Chanin (verified owner)

    Ordered the 2lb add on.

    The shrimp was fresh and flavorful. The cooked product was firm yet tender

    Received about 2lb 4oz, 13/15 count. Several of them were over 1.5oz, all over 1oz. 25 shrimp, that is 1.44oz average.

    The shrimp was well deveined. After defrosted it was very easy to remove the pre-split shell.

    I steamed the shrimp. Was probably fully cooked around 4 minutes. Every shrimp was firm and easy to bite through. We thoroughly enjoyed them, both hot as well as chilled.

  4. CATHERINE FRIDDLE (verified owner)

    My first order was King Salmon (5 pounds) and Royal Red Shrimp (2 pounds). The King Salmon was just absolutely wow!! I am totally ruined on buying grocery store and local seafood restaurants salmon. I will never buy salmon from anyone else but Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood.

    Ohh the shrimp….. Absolutely the best shrimp I have ever eaten!!! Amazing flavor and texture; taste like lobster. I
    I received my second order of the Royal Red Shrimp today, but this time I ordered 10 pounds. I also received the sea scallops, I can not wait to try them.

    The shipping is crazy fast, I ordered Monday and received my shipment today! Everything was still solidly frozen. I was originally a little worried on my first order because I live in Texas, everything melts from our insane heat and humidity.

    I have tried several of the different recipes on website. The Sommer’s Salmon Salad awesome. I am making the Alaska Salmon En Papillote again tonight.

  5. depone (verified owner)

    Just received my order of these shrimp on Friday, cooked them up on Saturday and surprisingly have to admit that these were the best tasting shrimp I ever had in my life. They were deveined and super easy to clean before cooking. The taste was delicious, I wish I ordered 10lbs of it instead of the 2lbs that I got as an addon to my 10lbs of sockeye salmon which was delicious. Wasn't sure what to expect ordering online but after cooking some of what I received and trying, it definitely turned out to be better quality seafood than what I've been buying at my local shop rite so Captain Tony, thank you for the excellent quality seafood, you came through and I surely appreciate your service. I'm ordering my seafood from here in the future, not going back to local super markets anymore for sub-par quality salmon and shrimp.

We are proud to offer the highest quality Red Royal Shrimp from South America.  Deveined, jumbo sized, and split shell means less work to enjoy your shrimp! While Red Royal Shrimp are found off our Southeastern coasts, Argentinian Red Royal Shrimp offer a longer season and more buttery favor than other varieties.  Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company is a fisherman family owned business delivering a sustainable renewable resource that’s both healthy and delicious.  Taste the difference when you buy wild caught Red Royal Shrimp from Argentina!

Facts About Royal Red Shrimp:

1. Red Royal Shrimp have a smaller season than other varieties of shrimp, usually in the spring. Its shorter season combined with its flavor profile make it a favorite amongst seafood lovers.
2. Red Royal Shrimp are sweet, much like lobster meat and bay scallops.
3. Red Royals cook very fast, do not over cook as they get too soft
4. Because of the depths they live in, and distance from shore, Red Royals are naturally more salty tasting than White, Brown and pink varieties. They require less seasoning than other species
5. Caught according to sustainable fishing practices, you will taste the difference when you purchase directly Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company!

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