Wild Caught Fish

When shopping online for seafood, and specifically fish, you may not be aware of some of the things that are different from one seafood market to another. Examples of these differences are:

  • How and where were the fish caught?
  • Was the fisherman fishing in a sustainable way?
  • Were the fish processed immediately and only frozen once?
  • Are they selling farm-raised or wild-caught fish?
  • How cold are the freezers that are used to store the fish?
  • How is the fish shipped to ensure it reaches you completely frozen?

If you are expecting the highest quality fish, all of these things matter. From our Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, to our Pacific Cod, to our Ahi Tuna, and for all of our seafood products, the Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood website offers you the information you need, so that you know that we simply offer the best fish online. If you have questions, please feel free to contact customer service at any time. We are here to serve you.

Wild Caught Fish is Best for Your Recipes

Taco de pescado muy caliente

Fish Tacos

Seared and plated wild caught alaska king salmon

Seared Salmon

Plated whitefish

Baked Cod

A wild caught smoked salmon bagel board

Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

There is a huge difference between wild caught and farm raised fish. When you buy from Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood, you're assured that all of the products you buy are wild caught. So what are the differences? See our information on wild caught vs farm raised salmon.