Happy Alaska Wild Salmon Day!

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Did you know that August 10th is Alaska Wild Salmon Day? Learn more about our favorite holiday…


“Whether it is sport, personal use, subsistence, or commercial fishing, Alaskans have a deep connection to the wild salmon that are a critical part of the Alaskan economy, culture, ecosystem, and identity.” – Sam Cotten, AK Department of Fish & Game

In 2016, the Alaska Legislature established August 10th as a state holiday known as Alaska Wild Salmon Day! This day is dedicated to the lifeblood of Alaska: the five wild species of salmon found in the state. Salmon caught in Alaska account for over 90% of the United State’s catch. While harvested by fishermen of all kinds, all recognize the importance that salmon plays in our daily lives.

Wild salmon (both literally and figuratively) keeps food on the table for thousands of Alaskans! The seafood industry in Alaska employs over 26,000 residents annually, with salmon leading the way both in terms of jobs and revenue created. Salmon bring in a first wholesale value of $1.4 billion each year, making up 1/3 of the total Alaskan seafood industry.

While salmon is vital to the economy, it plays an even larger part in the environment. Salmon provide nourishment to organisms both on land and in the water, playing a major role in Alaska’s food web. Because of their importance to the ecology of the state, sustainability is written into Alaska’s constitution. All salmon caught in Alaskan waters have been done so with the mission of ensuring that the population will be able to feed future generations.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate! From our family to yours, Happy Wild Salmon Day!