Pulling Pin Bones Out of Wild Sockeye Salmon

Posted on in our Seafood Blog

Good evening everybody! Captain Tony here showing you how to take pin bones out of my salmon. And the reason why the pin bones are there in the first place is because I flash freeze these the same day they’re caught. So it’s very easy, on the front half of the fish, from about here forward there are pin bones. From here back, there are no pin bones at all. So it’s very easy, you just kind of run your finger against them, you feel them kind of raise up and prick up. And of course you can see there is this beautiful flesh here of this sockeye, no gaping whatsoever. So here we go with pulling the pin bones. And when you pull the pin bones, what you want to do is grab ‘em and pull forward just like this, and they’ll come out nice and easy. Now you don’t have to pull ‘em, you can cook them and eat with the pin bones in, and eat from the bottom up to where the pin bones are, or from the top down. But you can see how easy they come out. So what I’m doing is I’m actually raising them up and I’m pulling forward, towards where the head of the fish is. And you can see how easy they come out. And needle nose pliers, you see they do like to stick in because the way the fish was frozen so fresh. But needle nose pliers or a good pair of tweezers will work to pull these out in a hurry. And then you’ll have a completely bone free fillet of wild sockeye salmon.