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Is It That Time Of Year Again…Already?

It seems like as soon as Halloween is over, we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of year happens to be one of my favorites, because what other time of the year can you completely gorge yourself on tons of great food and not be judged. What’s not to LOVE about it, you get to eat, nap, decorate and go shopping for some killer holiday deals. For most it is a tradition to have turkey, ham, duck, or the granddaddy of them all, turducken on Thanksgiving and Christmas. However with a lot of people trying to be healthy, maybe it’s time to add something new to the table for the feast. Maybe it’s time to add to the tradition and bring another meat offering. I’m sure you can guess where I am going with this, but let’s be honest. I may be new to the Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood family; but I know what I like, and what better time to share what I like with others. So this year my family will have some amazing salmon on the table alongside our turkey, bringing a whole new prospective to the words surf and turf. But let me put my excitement for the meals aside for now. However excited we are to eat and see our loved ones let’s not forget what the holidays are really about: sharing, being thankful,  and being around those you love. For me Christmas my favorite time of year not because of all the presents, but it is the one time of year my entire family has a chance to be together. So for the holidays I hope you surround yourself in the things you enjoy the most and the people you love the most. I know I will!




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