Do you know who caught your dinner?

  • Captain Tony has been fishing in Alaska since 1990.
  • What are we famous for? Our very own wild caught Sockeye and King Salmon! All of our other fish, including Ahi Tuna, Shrimp, Scallops, Cod, etc., are responsibly sourced, caught the right way and closely inspected by Capt. Tony to meet our high standards of quality and freshness.
  • We catch and process all 5 species of wild pacific salmon, and source our other seafood products from high quality sustainable fisheries.

Our Most Popular Seafood Products

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Wild caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is our flagship seafood product.

Jumbo Royal Red Shrimp from Argentina

Jumbo Red Shrimp

The highest quality and largest shrimp available. Imported from Argentina.

Wild Alaskan Halibut

Alaskan Halibut

Our wild-caught Alaskan Halibut is one of the most valuable seafood products.

Small Freezer Box of Seafood

Small Freezer Box

Enjoy our Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Pacific Cod, and Alaskan Halibut.

Our Business is Selling Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood

  • We offer the finest quality sustainably harvested seafood products available at competitive prices.
  • We are a 100% fisherman family owned business based out of King Salmon, Alaska.
  • Internet orders to the continental United States are shipped from our fulfillment center located in the Midwest, allowing our seafood products to reach US customers in perfect condition.
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Captain Tony and His Family

Buy Wild Salmon

The reason why Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company's salmon is famous for being the best is that it is wild caught salmon, straight from Alaska. When you buy wild salmon from us, you're buying it straight from the fisherman. We catch, process, package, and ship it ourselves. The flavor and texture of our salmon products remain fresher than fresh is because our salmon are frozen the same day they are caught. We guarantee your salmon will arrive frozen. Simply thaw, cook, and enjoy!

Wild Alaskan salmon caught, delivered to shore, cleaned and processed, then delivered to your door. Wild Alaskan salmon caught, delivered to shore, cleaned and processed, then delivered to your door.